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Paignton Zoo Poo

Unfortunately zoo poo is no longer available to buy

For the last few years, we have been using West Country Compost with very good results. So it seems only natural to sell the manufacturers other product - Paignton Zoo Poo. We have been hearing about really good results from various gardeners we know in the area. Paignton Zoo Poo is a nutrient rich, peat free compost which is suitable for organic use.

Zoo PooZoo Poo is natural compost made from herbivorous animal manure, mainly Elephant and Rhino mixed with straw and garden material.

Zoo Poo is nutrient rich slow release, typical analysis: NITROGEN 1.6%, PHOSPHATE 0.8%, POTASH 1.0%, CALCIUM 4.2%, MAGNESIUM 0.4

Zoo Poo is available and packed in 50 litre bags. Zoo Poo is entirely natural and helps to improve soil structure as it enhances nutrient retention, assist's root development and helps aeration in the soil.

Zoo Poo BagZoo Poo is ideal for vegetables and soft fruit; also for flower beds and planting trees. The manufacturers of Zoo Poo compost suggest for soil improvement to spread 5-8cm on to the surface and digging it in about 10cm. For vegetable and fruit beds spread zoo poo 5-8cm thick and digging in to about 15cm. For general lawn maintenance spread 3-5 handfuls of zoo poo for every square metre of turf. The manufacturers of Paignton Zoo Poo also make a donation to Paignton Zoo's conservation effort for every bag sold.

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