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Turf Removal Service

Cutting an old worn out lawn turf from topsoil is hard work, especially if you’re trying to do it by hand. The topsoil under the matt of grass, root and possible weed, needs to be clean if you want the new topsoil and turf lawn to be healthy. Topsoil needs to be clean, so removal of the old turf is essential. You can hire small turf cutters, although in my opinion they only work well when conditions are right, i.e. the topsoil is damp.

We have two different heavy duty turf cutters. The largest turf cutter is a heavy machine (about half a ton) which can be used on large lawns with good access and a smaller machine of the same make which can be used on smaller turf lawns. We can also take your garden waste away such as old turf, topsoil, root and rubble etc. as we have an Environment Agency waste removal licence.

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