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Turf Laying Service

We lay hundreds of lawns every year. We have been laying lawns since 1987, so as you can see we have gained a lot of experience.

There are many different aspects to turf laying to consider:

  • Does the lawn need extra topsoil?
  • If there is an old worn out lawn will it need removing?
  • Is the area for turf laying weedy?
  • Does weed killer need to be used?
  • Are there roots in the lawn area that need removing?
  • Does the existing topsoil need improving before laying the turf?
  • How good is the property access for delivery?
  • What is the pH value of your existing topsoil?
  • How close to the sea is the topsoil area that requires laying?

All these points and more need to be considered before turf laying can go ahead.

Turf LayingIn the last 28 years we have been laying lawns from the very small to the very large - our largest turf laying job covering 10,000 square metres belonging to a caravanning holiday company.  We also lay lawns ranging in shape from a simple circle to a normal garden layout. 

Mainly our turf laying jobs range from the normal householder i.e. 10 square metres to 300 square metres. But as you can see we are quite capable of managing far larger areas of land.

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