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Turf and topsoil must be kept moist until the turf is well rooted into the topsoil. Pay attention to the edges of the lawn where the turf and topsoil will dry out faster than the rest of the lawn, but also make sure you do not saturate the turf as this can cause water logging and topsoil shrinkage. When the lawn is established you may need to water in dry conditions. Always water in the mornings or preferably in the evening; never in the heat of the day. Water once a week in dry weather, twice a week in hot weather and once every 10 days in dry cool weather. Remember this when watering in hot weather - a square metre of turf and topsoil can lose up to 24 litres of water a week through topsoil evaporation.


Always keep your mower in good condition and the blades sharp, blunt blades damage the turf. When mowing a newly laid turf for the first time after it has rooted in, use the mower on its highest cut initially. Lower the blades gradually as you get into your mowing routine. A lawn will be in much better condition if you mow the turf little and often. A rough guide would be to mow the lawn once a week in early spring, late summer and autumn. Mow the lawn twice a week in late spring and early summer, and top once or twice in early mild winter. If you don’t have a grass collector on your mower, remove grass clipping from turf, (a grass rake is best), as they will damage the lawn.  Try to keep your turf grass 3 cm or 1.25 inches high. Especially during a hot summer, this will help to retain moisture.

Weeding and Feeding

The best approach to a weed free lawn is good management. A regular fertilization program, if you have mixed a pre-turfing fertilizer into your topsoil then there is no need to feed for two months. Lawns should be fed approximately every two months during the main growing season. When applying fertilizer and weed killers use exactly as manufacturers suggest as over application will damage the topsoil and turf.

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