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How Big Is A Ton Of Topsoil?

There is no exact measure, it depends on type of soil and water content, but a general rule is that 1 Ton (a cubic yard/metre) will cover approximately 30 square yards to the depth of 1" OR 25 square metres to the depth of 2.5cm.

What is the difference between turf qualities?

Our turf is regularly weed treated and fertilized. Meadow turf is more for a utility lawn and is hard-wearing. Seeded turf is more for a luxury grade lawn with finer bladed grasses, such as fescues and bents. However seeded turf lawns are not nearly as hard-wearing, will not stand neglect and require a strict regular lawn maintenance programme.

How long before you can do my job?

Usually very quickly, from 1 to7 days, depending on the time of year, but of course we would like as much notice as possible.

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