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Our Topsoil

We started to sell topsoil to house-holders, gardeners and small builders in 1987. It all started when my father stripped a small field of its topsoil to make way for farm buildings and cattle pens, so I sold the topsoil to various customers.

Our TopsoilToday we buy in our topsoil from a local wholesaler, the topsoil mostly comes from a 30 mile radius of Plymouth, it comes from various land clearance sites, and the topsoil is of a light brown colour of that area and not the red colour that you see in some parts of Devon, we have sold this type of topsoil for over 20 years, usually in amounts from a few hundred kilos to 50 tons.

All our topsoil is screened and is sieved through a 10 mm screen, all stone, root and vegetation is removed from the topsoil leaving an easy to use product. Over the years our topsoil has mostly been used as a base for seeding grass, laying turf and flower beds, but in the last few years more and more of our topsoil has been used in vegetable and fruit beds as there is a resurgence in 'growing your own'.

If we can help you with your topsoil needs please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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