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Our Compost

For the last few years we have been using and selling West Country Compost, it is a peat free soil conditioner and is suitable for organic gardening. This compost is made completely from organic material. The compost making procedure is carefully monitored to British standard BSI PAS 100-2005. Typical Analysis is NITROGEN 1.6%, PHOSPHATE 0.5%, POTASH 0.6%, CALCIUM 3.8% and MAGNESIUM 0.6%

Our CompostWest Country Compost is available and packed in 50 litre bags and when there is a surplus we can deliver it loose in 2000 litre loads. This compost is entirely natural and helps with drainage, water and nutrient retention, helps root growth and curbs plant disease. We personally find this compost really good for turf laying and lawn care. The manufactures of this compost suggest for soil improvement spreading 5-8cm on to the surface and digging the compost in to about 10cm. For vegetable and fruit beds, spread compost 5-8cm and dig in to about 15cm. For general lawn maintenance spread 3 to 5 handfuls of compost for every sq square metre of turf.

We personally grow most of our own fruit and vegetables that we eat, using this compost, with very good and quite often amazing results. There is a real 'feel good factor' because you are eating produce grown naturally.

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